Ending Aging.

Research that drives the future.

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The dream that we constantly work towards:

"To end all preventable diseases, accelerate human longevity through research, 
and push the field of life sciences forward in the process."


The fields we're disrupting:

Eliminating 'Zombie' Cells

We are using CNNs, Phenotypic profiling and Autoencoders (AI methods) to analyze the mitochondria of senescent (zombie-type cells) vs. proliferating (normally dividing) cells in the hope of finding a consistent trait for senescence.

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TBD - Brain Aging Study

Here at Biotein, we're always working to create something bigger and better than before. Now, we're working on one of our most impactful projects - with applications from curing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's - to every system in our body. 


The latest progress updates from our team:


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The Worldwide Giants


Some of the greatest innovators in the field:

Dr. Aubrey de Gray

VP New Tech Discovery
@ AgeX Therapeutics

Dr. Karl Riabowol

Principal Investigator @
Riabowol Lab, Calgary U

Dr. Joseph Geraci

Co-Founder and CEO
@ Netramark Corp.

Dr. Karl Miller

Postdoc @
Sanford Burnham Prebys

our TEAM

The people behind our growth:

"At Biotein, our team powers everything we do. It takes a special group of people to make a change. And that's what sets us apart."

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