Cellular health monitoring within minutes.

We focus on preventative efforts for age-related diseases.


Our Assay

Our test will look and work similarly to a COVID-19 test, with a colored line signal showing the presence/relative concentration of the proteins. You can use our cellphone scanner app to get results on your protein levels within minutes. These results will indicate cellular damage related to inflammation, protein misfolding, DNA repair, and more. They will also include recommendations of lifestyle interventions like foods and supplements to help manage damage (from existing published/peer-reviewed literature).

Assay timeline

We're currently validating our concept with Ichor Therapeutics labs, to make sure our markers can be detected significantly by our assay. Once this is finished, and we publish studies with sample sizes of at least 150-200, we hope to begin sales by 2023.

To track your improvement over time, our low-cost (10x less than competitor bio-age tests) subscription platform makes it easy to re-order. The test will become available for ordering in a year, but in the meantime, sign up for our newsletter to get monthly updates about our progress. For more detail on the science behind this assay, click "Learn More."

Assay picture